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Undergraduate Certificate in Trauma-Informed Approaches

Be Part of the Solution with Trauma-Informed Approaches

Trauma impacts individuals, families, and communities in many ways, and on many levels. Caring professionals without appropriate training in trauma, and its effects, may actually worsen trauma-related issues. Be part of the solution–learn about the impact of trauma on clients, co-workers, friends, family, and even ourselves and become a trauma-informed professional.

Be prepared to use trauma-informed approaches in your work

Trauma impacts individuals, families, and communities in many ways on many levels. A trauma-informed approach refers to how agencies, organizations, and communities provide mental health, education, crisis intervention, criminal justice, and other services in a way that supports resilience, prevention, treatment and recovery. The Wilmington University certificate in Trauma-Informed Approaches prepares you to work in this highly recognized model of wellness. Learn how to integrate knowledge about the pervasiveness of trauma into policies, practices, and procedures.

Customize your education with a Trauma-Informed Approaches certificate

The Trauma-Informed Approaches certificate complements many degree programs in Psychology, Organizational Dynamics, Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice, Government and Public Policy, and Legal Studies, but also disciplines outside of the discipline, such as Education, Nursing, Human Resources, Sports Management, and more.

Tailor your trauma-informed approach to your industry

Incorporating knowledge of trauma into services can help ensure physical, psychological and emotional safety for clients and for the professional themselves, and creates opportunities to rebuild a sense of empowerment and autonomy for survivors of trauma. This 15-credit certificate has 3 core required courses and 6 credits of electives. With over 40 elective choices, you’ll be able to tailor this certificate to your interests and career needs.

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Why a WilmU Certificate?

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Professionals Who Would Benefit From This Program

  • Human Services Providers
  • Educators
  • Health/Medical Professionals
  • Law Enforcement


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