Finance, Associates of Science


Program Purpose

The Associate of Science Degree in Finance will prepare students for entry level positions within the financial field in areas such as banking, investments, and real estate.  It will also serve as a pathway for students to pursue a bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting and Finance, Business Management, and Business Analytics.  Additionally, Delaware high school students who complete the National Academy of Finance (NAF) program in their schools will receive college credit for their NAF experience that will be directly applied to their Associates Degree in Finance.

Program of Study

The program blends a wide variety of general education courses that would be applicable to any undergraduate degree within the University, a set of business courses appropriate to all business majors, and a foundation of finance courses that will prepare the graduate to excel in higher level finance courses at the bachelor's level.

Program Competencies

Graduating students will:

  1. Utilize traditional financial models to analyze data and recognize existing connections among potential solutions in order to make reasoned decisions expected of finance professionals (Critical Thinking, Analytical Tools).
  2. Utilizing published data sets and scholarly writings pertaining to financial theory and applications, communicate effectively (orally and in writing) recommendations pertaining to business/financial opportunities (Communication and Scholarship).
  3. Describe the introductory concepts of traditional areas of business to include finance (Business Core).
  4. Recognize business, ethical, and cultural issues within the global business environment with particular emphasis on finance (Environment).
  5. Recognize, through the analysis of a major corporation, the skills needed in planning, controlling, and leading a successful business (Leadership).


Business Core (12 credits)

BAC 101 Accounting I

BAC 102 Accounting II

BBM 201 Principles of Management

MAT 312 Business Statistics

Free Elective or FYE 101 (3 credits)

Free Elective


FYE 101 First Year Experience Seminar

Students with less than 16 transfer credits are required to take FYE 101 as their elective.

Finance Core (15 credits)

ECO 321 Economics of Money and Banking

FIN 301 Personal Finance

FIN 302 Financial Planning

FIN 305 Financial Management

FIN 306 Corporate Finance

General Education Core (30 credits)

CTA 206 Computer Applications

ECO 101 Economics I

ENG 121 English Composition I

ENG 122 English Composition II

ENG 131 Public Speaking

HIS 381 Contemporary Global Issues

MAT 205 Introductory Survey of Mathematics

PHI 100 Introduction to Critical Thinking

HUM Humanities Elective

SCI Any Natural Science Elective

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2023-2024 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2022 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.