Flip Video Tool in Canvas

Saying Goodbye to Flip

The Educational Technology Department is sad to announce the end of life for Flip. Students may now use Kaltura to post a video reply.  The Flip app integration has been removed from Canvas.

Here are the details: Microsoft, owner of Flip, is retiring the web site and mobile apps by September 30, 2024.

"Starting July 1, Flip will no longer be available in mobile app stores, and their web site on Flip.com will go into view-only mode. While you will no longer be able to create new groups, topics or videos after this date, you will still have access to download your Flip videos through September 30."

For Instructors

If you completed Flip training in our PIE program, your elective still applies in your completiion and you do not lose that elective credit in the Proficient level of PIE.

Follow these directions to download a Flip video, you have until September 30 to grab any videos you wish to download and save.