Flip Video Discussion Tool in Canvas

Flip is a video-based discussion tool that can be integrated into a Canvas course. The Flip tool allows students and teachers to communicate about various topics using video and text. You can record videos and add emojis, stickers, drawings, text, and more. Please note that instructors will have to set up the Flip tool in their Canvas course before students will be able to use it.

Technology Requirements

Flip works best with the latest version of Google Chrome. In addition, Flip can used in almost any web browser, meaning it should work on nearly any device, although the mobile app or traditional desktop experiences are still best. If you need help using Flip, the resources below are a great place to start. 

Mobile App

Download the Flip app for iOS or Android, to stay connected on the go, and quickly create video responses on Flip discussions.


How it works for Students

How to Login to your Flip Account

These instructions will show how to sign into your Flip account. To make the process as smooth as possible, sign into MyWilmU and Canvas before starting step one. This will allow Wilmington University's Single-Sign On solution to help speed up the process to pair your Canvas course with your Flip account. 

  1. Navigate to the sign-in page on the Flip website, by clicking the sign up button in the top right corner.
  2. Click the option to "Sign up with Microsoft".
    Sign up with Microsoft in Flipgrid
  3. You should be automatically signed in, as long as you have previously signed into MyWilmU.

Signing Up for a Free Account as a New User

If you are not automatically logged in, you will have to sign up for a Flip account by entering your WilmU email and password. The instructions below show you how to Sign Up for a Flip account using your WilmU credentials.

  1. Click the Key icon at the bottom. “Sign-in options”

       Flipgrid Sign IN

   2. Select Sign-in to your Organization

       FlipGrid Sign-in options

   3. Type in the domain name = wilmu.edu and click Next

      FlipGrid Find your organization

   4. Pick Your Account and click Next

      You will then land on your Flip Account.

      Flipgrid Pic an account

  5. You will then land in Flip.

     Next time you go to https://info.flip.com/ , click Login. Select Microsoft. You will see 

    your Work or School account. Select that and and you will successfully enter Flip.

     FlipGrid Email used more than once

Setting Up a Canvas Integration

The quick set-up guide below provides a brief overview of the process that faculty can follow to pair their Canvas course with Flip, and then set up Flip assignments that integrate with the course's gradebook. This process should takes less than ten minutes to complete. For a comprehensive step-by-step visual walkthrough of this process, download this Flip Set-up Guide for Teachers.

  1. After you set up an account, you can click the icon at the top right to access Profile, Settings, etc.
  2. Next, select the Settings option towards the bottom.
  3. From the settings tab, click the Integrations option at the top right.
  4. This will prompt you to create a name for the Canvas course you are trying to integrate. Here, you can name the course in order to distinguish it from other courses you use Flip within. Using the name found in Canvas, including the CRN is a good way to keep it unique if you teach the same course multiple times.
  5. Once you name the course, and click create, it will give you two unique keys (examples shown below). From here, either navigate to your Canvas course in a new tab, or open the tab you have opened previously with Canvas. Do not close this tab, as we will need these keys in a few steps.
    Create a new Canvas Integration in Flipgrid
  6. In the course you are trying to integrate with Flip, navigate to the settings option, typically at the very bottom left of the side menu.
    Course integration with Flipgrid
  7. From Settings, click the “Apps” option shown below.
  8. From here, select Flip. If it does not appear, scroll through the options or search Flip in the box shown in the image that says “Filter by name”.
  9. Once you click on Flip, select the blue “+ Add App” icon.
  10. This will bring up the tab shown here. In this tab, you must enter the Consumer key and Secret key found on the Flip page from Step 9. Each key can be copied by selecting the copy option to the right. Keep the first box as is, and then click “Add App”. This will close the window, and in a few seconds a green box should appear at the top of your screen letting you know you have successfully integrated Flip. From here, you can create external assignments using Flip!

Still Need Help?

Please contact the WilmU Help Desk.