English and Math Placement Assessments

English and math skills assessments are required for undergraduate students prior to registering for any math or English courses (also see Exemptions below). The results of these assessments permit the University to place students in the appropriate math or English course for their skill level.

  • You should complete an assessment as early as possible prior to registering for courses. Placement results do not guarantee a reserved seat in any required courses.
  • Skills assessments are only required prior to registering for freshman English and math courses.
  • Students may register for any other courses for which English and math courses are not pre-requisites.

English Assessment

Complete an English assessment prior to registering for your first English course.

Math Assessment

Complete a math assessment prior to registering for your first Math course.

Assessment Exemptions

Some students may not be required to take skills assessments. Please see Placement Assessment Exemptions for exemption criteria.

Skill Review and Skill-Building Courses

Students may choose to register for English Review (ENG 095) or Math Review (MAT 095) without taking a skills assessment.

  • ENG 095 and MAT 095 are 0-credit courses.
  • Upon successful completion of ENG 095, students may register for English Composition (ENG 121).
  • Students choosing to take MAT 095 as their first Math course are also required to complete the related Math Essentials (MAT 110), for elective credit, with a grade of C or higher before taking or the first math course required for their degree program.

CTA 206 Competency Exam

Students may choose to take the CTA 206 Competency Exam if they believe their skills with computer applications meet or surpass the competencies for the course CTA 206, Computer Applications (required for most degree programs).

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