About the Human Subjects Review Committee

The Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC) is the institutional body that meets periodically to review research protocols to make sure that the rights and safety of research subjects are protected. The Committee reviews approved academic research in conjunction with our academic programs. In particular the Committee reviews all thesis and dissertation research protocols. It also reviews faculty research proposals and requests from students and faculty at other institutions who wish to conduct research at the University. Research which is not conducted by Wilmington University students must receive permission from an appropriate dean or University executive prior to being reviewed by the Committee.

The Human Subjects Committee is sometimes called an Institutional Review Board (IRB). We follow the suggested federal guidelines and the best practices of the particular discipline governing the subject matter of the research. In general, the Committee is able to expedite all routine research where the risk to the subject is "no more than that encountered in every day life." We scrutinize very carefully any research that might be conducted on protected subjects such as children, employees of the researcher, prisoners, or other persons not usually able to give informed consent.

See the HSRC representative in any of the academic colleges for further information or contact the co-chairs of the Human Subjects Review Committee at humansubjectsresearch@wilmu.edu.