Instructions for Fulfilling Human Subjects Protection Training Requirements

Wilmington University contracted with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) to provide human subjects protection training for students conducting thesis or dissertation research as well as faculty and staff conducting research or advising student researchers.

The CITI Program has four tracks:

  • Social-Behavioral-Educational,
  • Vulnerable Subjects Research (which is Social‐Behavioral‐Educational, plus one elective),
  • HSRC Members, and
  • Health Professions.

Researchers should consult with their advisors to determine which training track is most appropriate.

Key points:

  • Within each training track, there are required modules.
  • Some of the tracks also include elective modules, with a specific number of electives to be completed.
  • Each module is followed by a quiz. A score of 80% is required to pass the module, and multiple attempts are permitted.
  • After successfully completing the modules in the training track, the researcher should print out the completion document showing scores for all of the modules taken.

Student researchers should attach their certificates to their HSRC protocol package.

Research advisors and HSRC members should post their certificates in the HSRC SharePoint site.

NOTE: Citi certification expires after three years.

Program Registration Procedures

The first time procedures for accessing the training can be found in the CITI Program's Guide to Getting Started or by following the procedures outlined below:

'Register' Button Step
  • On the registration page, scroll down to “Select your organization..."
  • Type in “Wilmington University”
  • Select both check boxes, "I agree..." and "I affirm..."
  • Click “Continue to create....”
Organization Selection Step
  • Complete the 7 registration steps; enter user name, password, email, etc.
  • Once registration entry is completed click on “Finalize Registration”
Finalize Register Step
  • When you are finished registering, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “View Courses”
View Courses Step
  • Then “Add a Course” in the My Learner Tools for Wilmington University block
  • Question 1 allows you to select the training track that is most appropriate for your research or role
Question Step
  • Select the most appropriate training track; ignore the other questions and scroll down to click on "Submit"
  • The training track you have selected will now appear on your Active Course list; click on the name of the training track to see what modules are required
Active Courses Step
  • Complete the "Integrity Assurance Statement"
Integrity Assurance Step
  • Start working on the modules
  • Log out
  • Subsequently, you will be able to log in; your course progress will be saved
  • When all training requirements have been completed, print the training record with scores

Program Access after Registration

These are the procedures for accessing the CITI Program after completing the registration process:

'Log In' Button Step
  • In the "Institutional Courses" area, look for Wilmington University and click on "View Courses"
  • If you started a training track, it should show up under "Active Courses" and indicate how many modules you completed.
    NOTE: there may be training tracks other than the four that Wilmington University has selected. Please ignore any other courses that are listed.
  • Click on "Continue Course" for the training track you are required to take:
    • Social-Behavioral-Educational,
    • Vulnerable Subjects Research,
    • HSRC Members, or
    • Health Professions.
  • Ignore the "Courses Ready to Begin" area
  • If you have not started on your training track yet, scroll to the "Learner Tools for Wilmington University" area
  • Click on "Add a Course"
  • Select "Social-Behavioral-Educational" under "Question 1 Human Subject Research"
  • Do not answer any other questions
  • Scroll down and click "Submit"
  • When all training requirements have been completed, print the training record with scores