Education Studies, Concentration in Special Education (K-12)

Master of Education

Program Requirements

Candidates are expected to complete all requirements associated with the Master of Education in Education Studies with a concentration in Special Education, Grades K-12. Candidates must register for and complete MED 6102 E-folio as the initial course in the program. This course is a pre-requisite for all other education courses.

Parallel Curriculum

The purpose and curriculum of the Master of Education in Education Studies, Special Education (K-12) are similar to the Master of Education in Special Education (K-12) with the exception of those elements associated with clinical coursework (practicum and student teaching). This degree does not contribute to eligibility for an initial teaching license or certificate.

Program Competencies

Program competencies for this degree are identical to those currently in effect for the Master of Education in Special Education (K-12), with the exception of those competencies linked directly to clinical courses. Program competencies and attributes are derived from the College of Education and Liberal Arts Conceptual Framework, the InTASC standards (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium), and standards set by the CEC (Council for Exceptional Children). These standards can be reviewed at the following links:

Conceptual Framework

InTASC Standards

CEC Standards

Admission Requirements

  1. Submit a Wilmington University Graduate Application
  2. Submit an official transcript or transcripts verifying completion of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  3. Complete a program planning conference with a Graduate Advisor or Program Chair

*Education Studies degrees do not qualify recipients for state licensure and/or certification.

After completing all of the above requirements, register for MED 6102 (E-Folio) along with other appropriate courses.

Course Prerequisites/Additional Course Requirements

Course prerequisites are listed in the Course Descriptions section of the catalog and on the Wilmington University website.

Required Courses (42 credits)

MED 6102 E-Folio

MSE 7100 Foundations of Special Education: Historical, Legal, and Theoretical Perspectives

MSE 7604 Technology for Instruction

MSE 7403 Diagnosis/Assessment/IEP Development for Exceptionalities

MSE 7402 Applied Behavior Analysis

MSE 7501 Introduction to Autism & Severe Disabilities

MEE 7632 Language and Literacy


MAS 7652 Reading in Content Areas

MSE 7901 Diagnosis/Assessment of Reading Difficulties for Non-Reading/Literacy Majors

MSE 7405 Curriculum in Special Education

MSE 8102 Legislation and Implementation of Policy and Procedure

MED 6000 Elementary Mathematics for Teachers


MAS 7801 Practicum/Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching in the Middle and High School



MSE 7404 Assistive Technology

MSE 7406 Transition Planning & IEP Implementation for Students with Disabilities

MSE 7407 Teaming/Collaboration with Families & Communities

MED 6801 Building a Responsive Classroom

Elective Courses: 12 credits in place of Practica and Student Teaching/Teaching Internship as approved by the Program Chair or Graduate Advisor.

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2024-2025 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2023 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.