Credit for Certifications, Training and Licenses

Industry-recognized certifications, work-based trainings, and professional licenses might provide you additional opportunities for earning academic credit.

Industry-recognized certifications and licenses

Wilmington University faculty have approved many accredited industry-recognized certifications and professional licenses for academic credit. In doing so, the University has acknowledged the level of rigor required for a student to obtain the learning, experience, and skills to earn that credential.

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Work-Based Training

Students at Wilmington University may be able to earn credit for trainings completed at their workplace, past or present.

Law Enforcement Professionals

Wilmington University's Criminal Justice faculty have evaluated many local and nationwide police academies. As a result, law enforcement personnel may be able to apply their prior learning gained through academy training to earn college credit that applies to their degree program.

Information Technology Professionals

Wilmington University's College of Technology faculty have evaluated many industry recognized certifications in the information technology field. IT professionals may be able to apply certifications they have earned throughout their careers to earn college credit that applies toward their degree program. If you are a student interested in pursuing a CompTIA certification(s), see the CompTIA Academic Marketplace, where students that have a valid .edu email address can receive a significant discount on exam vouchers!

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Other Options

Wilmington University has a long tradition of honoring credit recommendations made by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). Both ACE and NCCRS have evaluated many different training programs, certification providers, and standardized exams. If interested in learning more explore the ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training or the National College Credit Recommendation Service.

Next Steps

Step 1. View videos and the credential widget and videos above.

Step 2. Review the information on this page to see if any of these options may relate to your background. If you have already completed any of the above options, complete and submit the Credit for Prior Learning Tool to find out if the credits will apply toward your degree.


How do I know if a certification, training, or license has been evaluated for college credit?
View the list of industry-recognized certifications and the ECA website. If your certification or training is not listed, please attach respective document to the Credit for Prior Learning Tool for review.

How do I earn credit for a certification, training, or license I've attended?
Complete the Credit for Prior Learning Tool attach all respective documents to tool and submit it. From there, a Prior Learning Specialist will reach out to have a conversation regarding your inquiry.

Can I transfer my CPL credit to another college or university?
Students who have received CPL credit at Wilmington University should be aware that CPL credit may not be accepted by other institutions to which they transfer. Students are encouraged to check with the receiving institution prior to transfer.