Completing a Certificate

Students obtain a certificate by completing a concentration of college-level courses in a specialized subject area (the number of courses and credits varies by program).

  • Students already enrolled in a degree program: consult your Academic Advisor if you’re considering adding a certificate to your degree program. You must officially add a certificate to your program to be awarded a certificate.

  • New students who wish to only complete a certificate must apply and be accepted for admission to the certificate program before enrolling. Certificate-only students may choose to apply their credits toward a degree program in the same or related field of study through our Dual-Credit Advantage.

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Certificate Completion Requirements

  • Successful completion all courses required for the certificate.
  • A minimum GPA of:
    • 2.0 GPA for all undergraduate certificate courses
    • 3.0 GPA for all graduate certificate courses

Certificate Awarding

Students do not need to follow a specific procedure, and there is no additional fee, to be awarded a certificate after completing all certificate requirements.

The Office of the Registrar will:

  1. Identify all students who are either:
  2. Audit those students to verify all certificate requirements are met.

For students who are verified to meet all certificate requirements, the Registrar will:

  1. Enter a certificate award date on the student’s transcript;
  2. Mail the certificate to student’s home address. Please verify your home address is correct in myWilmU Self Service (Personal Information).
    Certificate mailing schedule
    For certificates completed by the end of: Certificates will be mailed the following:
    Fall (end December) March
    Spring (end of April) August
    Summer (end of August) October

PLEASE NOTE: Certificate candidates are not eligible to participate in a graduation ceremony.