Early Alert

We have created an online Early Alert program through CRM Advise. This will allow you to identify your students for academic alerts in any Undergraduate course. The alerts will send an automatic email to the students and alert the Student Success Center of the issue(s) in the following areas:

  • Commendable Effort
  • Distracted in Class - NO email sent
  • Inactivity in Course
  • Frequently Tardy - NO email sent
  • Low Grades (C- or lower)
  • Missing Assignments

Students who have been identified will receive the following notification(s) pertaining to the alert that was flagged:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Student Success Center at (302) 356-6994 or Hillary Strachan at hillary.j.strachan@wilmu.edu

Notification to Faculty:

Thank you for teaching this semester!

As you are aware, faculty engagement with students is essential to student success.  Wilmington University provides a tool to assist you with communicating student progress through our Early Alert program.  Using Early Alert, you will be able to send students kudos, a note of encouragement, or identify students at risk.  In the latter case, you will enable the University’s Student Success Center to assist students and help to improve their performance and level of confidence. You will also be assisting the University in collecting and analyzing critical student performance data to improve overall student retention and graduation rates.

How will this work?

  • Log in via MyWilmU > Student Tracking > Send Early Alerts, to complete your alerts at any time during the semester. However, early identification of academic issues will allow your student(s) more time to access support resources.
  • Once logged in, simply click on your undergraduate course(s) listed, check the box next to the student(s) you would like to alert about academic issues or to give kudos (multiple students can be checked at the same time for the same flag).
  • NEW: After the alert has been chosen, any notes you provide in the "Add Notes" section will now be seen at the bottom of the student email after this phrase
    • "Additional Note (optional):"
      • For Example:
        • You are currently missing Assignment #1
        • I am pleased you have given so much feedback in our class discussions.
  • Click “submit” to send the applicable alert/kudos email to the student.
  • B2 Courses will be visible 10 days prior to class start date.

It’s that simple!

Additional details and video tutorials, are available on MyWilmU – Faculty Home>Student Tracking>Instructions: Sending Early Alerts. You can also contact the Student Success Center, located in DAC 219, at (302) 356-6994.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the Early Alert program.


Jim D. Wilson, Ed.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Wilmington University