Sanctions for Violations of Conduct

Sanctions imposed by the Student Discipline Committee may include but are not limited to the following actions:

  1. Disciplinary probation with or without loss of designated privileges for a specified period of time;
  2. Restriction of privileges such as removal from elective or appointed office and/or ineligibility in representing the University;
  3. Suspension from the University for a specified period of time. Any suspension may be followed by a probationary period and may include restriction or forfeiture of privileges;
  4. Dismissal from the University with permission to reapply after a specified period of time. Conditions precedent to readmission may be established in conjunction with such a dismissal;
  5. Permanent dismissal from the University;
  6. When students who have been suspended or dismissed from the University and later return, credits earned from courses completed at other institutions of higher learning while under suspension or dismissal may be transferred to Wilmington University with approval of the Academic Review Committee.
  7. A delay as to when a degree is to be conferred upon the student;
  8. A determination that the student is not entitled to have their
    degree conferred.

Any of the sanctions listed above may be imposed for a first offense and any subsequent offense. Sanctions are not required to be progressive. Prior infractions of misconduct shall be considered in determining the appropriate disciplinary action. The appropriate sanction shall be imposed at the discretion of the Student Disciplinary Committee. In order for the Committee to approve a sanction, it must be agreed upon by a majority vote of those members present.

Appeals for Disciplinary Action