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Master of Science in Computer Science

Upskill in One of the Nation’s Fast-Growing Fields: Computer Science

The 30-credit, STEM-designated M.S. in Computer Science equips students with the skills to handle complex real-world computing challenges as they prepare for a variety of high-demand career opportunities, such as data scientist, data manager, machine learning engineer, data analyst, data engineer, data architect, software engineer, DevOps engineer, system architect, information systems manager or computer researcher.

Concentrations To Align Your Studies With Career Goals

This program includes 15 credits of core courses to build a solid computer science foundation. Students then have a choice of two concentrations that provide 15 credits of focused learning to develop dynamic skill sets: Data Science and Software Engineering. The program culminates in a capstone project.

Durable Skills That Apply Across Industries

Students gain a deep understanding of programming languages, algorithms, data structures, system requirements and ethics in the digital world that form the graduate's technical expertise bedrock. Equally important, students refine their communication skills and develop critical thinking/problem-solving abilities as they learn to analyze issues methodically, break them into manageable components and devise efficient solutions. These essential skills contribute to success in any professional setting.

Interested in a Tech Career but Lack a Computer Science Degree?

Degree-holding professionals without a computer science or tech-related background can follow our “nontechnical track” to enter the program. This requires the completion of four prerequisite courses: Computer Science Fundamentals, Object-Oriented Programming, Java Programming I and Database Foundations. It’s a perfect opportunity to reskill for a career change.

Part of a Series of Dual-Credit ADVANTAGE™ Stackable Credentials

Students in a variety of Wilmington University bachelor’s degree programs may be eligible to incorporate graduate-level core courses from this computer science master’s degree program into their undergraduate degree. This creates a seamless Dual-Credit ADVANTAGE pathway into the master’s program and saves time and tuition dollars. Learn more about WilmU's Dual-Credit ADVANTAGE™.

Eligible undergraduate programs include the B.S. in Computer Science, the B.S. in Game Design and Development, the B.S. in Web Design, the B.S. in Information Systems Management, the B.S. in Applied Technology and the B.S. in Cybersecurity.

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Choose from 2 Specialized Computer Science Concentrations

  • Data Science
  • Software Engineering

Finish your Computer Science master’s degree in as little as one year.
10 courses 30 total credits

$1,611 per course

Cost of a typical 3-credit graduate course.
Wilmington University tuition is based on cost-per-credit.
You only pay for the courses you need to complete your master’s in Computer Science degree.

Career and Industry Outlook for M.S. in Computer Science Graduates

An M.S. in Computer Science degree opens the door to career growth and leadership positions.



This program, designed to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills, will provide students with the expertise demanded by today's dynamic tech industry. Guided by leading experts in the field, students will dive deep into the areas of data science and software engineering, mastering advanced techniques, methodologies and tools essential for success in the professional environments. By encouraging a culture of curiosity, collaboration and ethical responsibility, the M.S. in Computer Science program prepares students to become visionary leaders capable of driving impactful change in the digital world. — N V Raman, Program Chair
N V Raman, Program Chair at Wilmington University

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