Having current photo identification (I.D.) is an important resource to have with you at all times while in the United States. Student ID's are required for admittance to some locations on-campus and for student services.

Student IDs

Student ID cards are issued through the University Information Center located in the Audrey K. Doberstein Admission Center (DAC) at the New Castle campus and through the site offices in Kent and Sussex Counties. Your ID card is also your library card.

Driver’s Licenses

International students do NOT need Social Security numbers to get a driver’s license. International students may obtain driver’s licenses through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) having jurisdiction over the state in which the student resides. For a list of required documents for the issuance of a driver’s license, please visit the appropriate DMV website for more information.

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

To request required documents from your DSO, please submit a DMV/SNN Denial Letter Request Form.

Social Security Numbers

International students do NOT need Social Security numbers to get a driver’s license, to open a bank account or even to rent an apartment. We can assist you by providing you with the documentation you need. Please contact your DSO for appropriate documents. Social Security Numbers can only be obtained with if an international student has a job or job offer. Because of the employment limitations, international students should not expect to qualify for a Social Security Number during their first academic year, and should only expect to qualify after CPT, OPT or on-campus employment is granted. Please visit the Social Security Administration website for more information.

Students who do not have a social security number can apply for a tax identification number (TIN) using the form W-7. For more information, please review the information on Study In The States (note: this website is not hosted or maintained by Wilmington University).

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