Privacy Policy Definitions

For the purpose of our privacy policies, Wilmington University has used the following definitions of terms.

  • Student - any person who attends or has attended Wilmington University.
  • Education Records - any record (in handwriting, print tapes, film, or other medium) maintained by Wilmington University or an agent of the University, which is directly related to the student, except:
  1. A personal record kept by a staff member if it is kept in sole possession of the maker of the record and is not accessible or revealed to any other person except a temporary substitute for the maker of the records.
  2. An employment record of an individual whose employment is not contingent on the fact that she or he is a student, provided the record is used only in relation to the individual's employment.
  3. Records maintained by Wilmington University Safety/Security Dept. if the record is maintained solely for law enforcement purposes, is revealed only to law enforcement agencies of the same jurisdiction, and the Safety/Security offices does not have access to any education record maintained by the University.
  4. Records maintained by Health Services if the records are used only for treatment of a student and made available only to those persons providing the treatment.
  5. Alumni records which contain information about a student after she or he is no longer in attendance at the University and which do not relate to the person as a student.