Identification Card Policy

  1. Introduction

    This policy is applicable to all buildings/sites owned or leased for use by Wilmington University where the University controls access and to all personnel assigned to work in or service University buildings. The following campuses are mandated to comply with the procedures set forth in this policy:

    • Brandywine
    • Dover
    • New Castle
    • Sports Complex
  2. Policy Statement

    This policy has been developed to enhance and preserve the personal safety of students, faculty, staff, visitors, alumni, and parties involved in University business; secure the physical property and tangible assets of the University; protect campus buildings from unauthorized intrusions; and protect the integrity of the University.

  3. Purpose
    1. To limit, control, and monitor access to restricted and limited access areas of the University to authorized persons.
    2. To manage and control access to campus facilities, events, and programs.
    3. To identify, those persons who have legitimate access to and use of campus facilities, events, and programs.
    4. To establish a standard process for staff, faculty, students, visitors, alumni, and contractors to obtain access to secured areas or facilities.
    5. To require all Wilmington University personnel to display while on University property and use ID cards when accessing restricted areas.
  4. Authorizations
    1. Wilmington Safety Officers will issue identification cards and will be responsible for the management of the process and modification of ID cards. The Assistant Vice President of Administrative & Legal Affairs is authorized to approve changes to the ID Card System.
    2. Personnel assigned to the Information Technology Department, in the performance of their duties, may create or modify WU ID cards. Any “test” ID cards created must be deactivated immediately after the testing is complete or within five business days after creation. “Test” ID cards will not routinely be issued.
  5. System Misuse
    1. The data, information, and images contained in the Wilmington University Security System as well as the equipment, materials, software, and hardware used to produce ID cards are business resources and are the exclusive property of Wilmington University. Any personal use or other unauthorized use of the security system’s data, information, images, equipment, materials, software, and hardware is prohibited and a violation of this policy.
    2. ID cards are the property of Wilmington University. ID cards are intended for the sole use of the person to whom they have been issued. ID cards may not be loaned or given to another person or used by another person for any reason. Reproduction, by any means, is prohibited. All lost or stolen ID cards must be reported to University Safety. Lost or stolen ID cards will be immediately deactivated by University Safety personnel.
    3. Violations of this policy may result in one or more of the following:
      • $25.00 fee for ID card replacement.
      • Confiscation of ID card.
      • Suspension of access.
      • Termination of access.
      • Disciplinary action under the provisions of Wilmington University policy and Student Code of Conduct.
      • Prosecution under applicable Federal, State, and Local laws.
  6. ID Card – General
    1. All ID cards will be issued by Wilmington University Representatives at the following campuses:
      • New Castle (University Information Center)
        Monday – Friday (9:00am – 6:00pm)
      • Dover (Main Reception Desk)
        Monday – Thursday (9:00am – 6:00pm), Friday (9:00am – 4:30pm), Saturday (when classes in session)
      • Brandywine (Main Reception Desk)
        Monday – Thursday (8:30am – 6:00pm), Friday (8:30am – 4:30pm), Saturday – Sunday (when classes in session)
    2. ID cards remain the property of Wilmington University
      1. The cardholder must report the loss/theft of an ID card immediately to University Safety.
      2. All Wilmington University staff, (including part-time), faculty, students, visitors, contractors, alumni, and others assigned to the University, must obtain and openly display the ID Card.
      3. This policy forbids the use of an ID card by a person to whom it is not assigned. This action may result in the confiscation of the ID card, access denial to both parties and, may also result in disciplinary action.
  7. ID Card – Request for Access
    1. All Wilmington University staff, faculty, students, visitors, alumni, and, contractors, by virtue of their type of association with the University will receive an ID card and base level access as designated by the border color of the card.
      ID Card Type & Purpose
      ID Card Type Color Issuing Entity Description of Purpose
      Permanent Staff & Part-Time Green University Information Center ID Card type issued to permanent Wilmington University Staff & part-time employees assigned at any University Facility
      Permanent/Adjunct Faculty Green University Information Center ID Card type issued to Wilmington University Faculty assigned at any University Facility
      Student Athlete Yellow University Information Center ID Card type issued to Wilmington University Students assigned to specified University Facilities (restricted time)
      Student Light Green University Information Center ID Card type issued to Wilmington University Students assigned to specified University Facilities (limited access)
      University Safety Black University Safety ID Card type issued to University Safety assigned any University Facility
      Visitor White University Safety ID Card type issued to Wilmington University visitors (Visitor ID card only)
      Contractor Red University Safety ID Card type issued to Wilmington University Contractors/Vendors (limited access)
      Alumni/Community Green University Information Center ID Card type issued to Wilmington University Alumni-Community (limited access) in accordance with Section L of the ID policy
    2. University Safety will be the responsible for the management of ID card process.
    3. Students and faculty will be required to provide a state issued identification card, driver’s license or passport prior to being photographed.
    4. Large groups and groups of student athletes requiring ID cards must be scheduled in advance with University Safety.
    5. All ID cards must be visibly displayed on the person while on any University campus or site.
  8. ID Card – Application Process

    To receive a Wilmington University ID card and gain access to a controlled area or building the applicant must complete the following procedure:

    1. Have the photograph taken at an ID card station located at any of the campuses listed under section 6 (ID Card – General).
    2. Provide proper identification (i.e., driver’s license, state ID, passport) and either the applicant’s student ID or employee ID number (ID numbers not required for contractors or visitors)
    3. Receive ID card and be assigned appropriate access level (the applicant may be requested to return at a later time to retrieve ID card during busy periods)
  9. ID Card – Security and Protection

    The security and protection of the ID card are important responsibilities for each cardholder. The ID card cost, processing labor, printing, and tracking, assign a significant value to each ID card. Each card has “smartcard technology“ embedded and carelessness creates an unnecessary impact on University funding. To ensure the card’s continued service to the cardholder, please follow these guidelines:

    1. Protect the ID card from heat and continuous exposure to direct sunlight.
    2. Protect the ID card from pressure and creasing. Do not puncture the card in any way.
    3. Do not place the card in a wallet or other place where wear and abrasion will degrade the readability and function of the card.
    4. If stolen, contact University Safety immediately. If not found, University Safety can reissue the ID Card. The Safety Department will determine the need for an incident report.
    5. A $25.00 fee may be charged for the replacement of cards that are lost or damaged due to negligence.
  10. ID Card – Compliance with Policy
    1. In accordance with these procedures, all students, faculty, staff, contactors & visitors are required to comply with this policy. Failure to comply is a violation of Wilmington University Rules and Regulations and the individual can be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, being asked to vacate University property, ineligible to apply for classes and forfeit the rights and privileges associated with access to the University.
    2. Students not obtaining an ID card in accordance with this policy will be blocked from registering for future classes.
    3. Any questions regarding the ID card policy please contact the University Safety Department.
  11. ID Card Replacement

    Lost or stolen ID cards will be replaced using the following procedures:

    1. Individuals with lost or stolen ID cards are required to contact the Department of University Safety at 302-325-3333.
    2. The “new” ID card (2nd card) will be re-issued to the individual at no cost and can be obtained at any ID card station with proper identification.
    3. A note of the “lost or stolen” ID card will be entered into the individuals ID card security file indicating the replacement.
    4. The reported “lost or stolen” ID card number will be “deactivated” and removed from the DSX Security System.
    5. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any subsequent ID card replaced.
    6. If the $25.00 fee is charged, the individual is required to report to the student payment office (any site with ID workstation) and pay the fee. The individual must present the “receipt” to the WU Workstation Representative prior to receiving an additional ID card.
    7. Individuals charged for subsequent ID cards are permitted to use their financial aid, if necessary. If not used, cash, debit, or credit card is acceptable.
  12. ID Card – Alumni/Non-Students
    1. Wilmington University Alumni/Community may apply for an ID Card.
    2. Alumni/Community must complete an Alumni/Non-Student ID Card Application Form. Hard-copy applications are available at the security desks located at New Castle, Dover, and Brandywine campuses.
    3. Alumni/Community applying for an ID card must have a background check at the applicant’s expense. The approved background vendor web link is listed at the bottom of the application form.
    4. The applicant (Alumni only) will be reimbursed for the cost of the background check at the completion of the process. Reimbursement only applies to alumni applicants. Community (non-student) applicants will not be reimbursed.
    5. An ID Card Committee (designated by the Asst. Vice President of Administrative and Legal Affairs) will review applications and background checks.
    6. Approved ID Cards permit access to the following:
      • Alumni – Determined by ID Card Committee
      • Community – Library Use Only
    7. Alumni/Community will be notified approved/disapproved status within 30 days after submitting the application and receipt of completed background checks.