Meet the Staff

The Wilmington University Student Success Center staff is always here to help you during your academic career.

Student Success Center Team

Mary Ann Westerfield Photo

Dr. Mary Ann Westerfield

Assistant Vice President
Academic Support Services

Lucia Nemeth

Dr. Lucia Nemeth

Senior Director of Educational Effectiveness

Debra Poe Photo

Dedra Poe

SSC Manager
Accuplacer Institutional Administrator

Barbara Quattro Photo

Barbara Quattro

Administrative Assistant

WilmU Tutors

Accounting, Finance, and Economics

  • Joe Mazurkiewicz

Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, and Forensics

  • Nicholas Chubbs

English, Writing and Graduate Writing

  • Monica Henry
  • Bill Horner
  • Billie Travalini

Math and Statistics

  • Sara Andersen
  • Rob Ribaudo
  • Bill Teats

Technology, Java, and Linux (Peer Tutor)

  • Amy Bednar (Technology only)


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