Student Discipline Committee

The Student Discipline Committee shall meet for the purpose of handling specific problems relating to academic dishonesty and/or student misconduct. The Committee is composed of the following:


The Chairperson shall be the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee.

Other Voting Members

  1. One full-time faculty member;
  2. One Academic Advisor;
  3. President of the Student Government Association or his/her designee;
  4. One Cabinet member.

Non-Voting Member

Counsel for the University shall be present to advise the Committee as to any legal issues which may arise during the hearing. Counsel may also question any witnesses. Counsel shall not attend or participate in any deliberations.


A quorum shall consist of three (3) voting members.

Recording of the Hearings

The Student Discipline Committee’s hearings shall be recorded, and the recording preserved until the matter has been concluded, including the taking of any appeals. All deliberations are confidential and are not recorded.

Burden of Proof

In order for the Committee to find that a student has violated the Code of Conduct, it must first be satisfied, by majority vote of those members present, that the allegations were established by a preponderance of the evidence.

Sanctions for Violations of Conduct

Appeals of Disciplinary Action