Canvas Online Resources for Students

Welcome to the student resource page for Canvas at WilmU. Upon registering for your first class, a Canvas account will be provided. Access to individual courses aligns with the Canvas Course Timeline, opening two weeks prior to the start of each course. Should you encounter any delays in accessing Canvas within 24 hours of registering for a course, please promptly open a ticket with the help desk for assistance.

To maximize your success at WilmU, you should familiarize yourself with some of the various tools and pages available in Canvas. Select from the following categories to find student online resources created by WilmU for using Canvas. Extensive resources can also be found in the Canvas Student Guide, an outside website maintained by Instructure, the creators of Canvas. 

Canvas Set Up

Creating your Canvas Profile - a walkthrough on setting up your Canvas Profile in the Canvas Global Menu, including your picture, professional links, and biography.

Navigating your Course

Completing Group Work - an overview of successfully navigating group work in your class.
Understanding the Course Menus - an overview of the dashboard, global menu, and course menu.

Feedback and Grades

Turnitin for Students - an overview of the Turnitin tool including several help videos.
Finding Your Grades and Instructor Feedback - a walkthrough of how to find your grades and access your instructor's feedback.

Set Up your Default Time Zone 

Online assignments at Wilmington University are aligned with the Eastern Standard Time zone. Throughout the course duration, all dates, deadlines, and times are presented in alignment with the Eastern Standard Time zone. Most assignments have a deadline set for the conclusion of their designated week at precisely 11:59 pm, one minute prior to midnight.

In Canvas, users have the option to specify their time zone in their User Settings, although this choice does not impact the course's time zone. If users have configured a specific time zone in their User Settings, all course-related dates and times will be displayed in their local time. However, by hovering over the date and time, users can also view the corresponding course date and time in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

How to change your time zone from the EST default:

  1. In Global Navigation, click on your Profile.
  2. Click the Settings link.
  3. Click Edit Settings.
  4. In the Time Zone drop-down menu, select a new time zone for your Canvas account. 
  5. Click the Update Settings button.

 View this Canvas support webpage to view a more detailed tutorial for this process. 

Additional Resources for Students

  • Online Course Orientation - Gain proficiency in Canvas by participating in our Online Course Orientation. Unlock the full potential of Canvas and become a skilled user through our comprehensive orientation.
  • Training Videos - View WilmU-specific tutorials to help you with the most common tasks and questions you might have.
  • Get Help - If you cannot find an answer to your question, please visit the Wilmington University help desk.

Experiencing Browser Issues? See Web Browser Issues with Canvas.