Online Live Courses

What is an Online Live Course?

Online Live courses are similar to traditional face-to-face courses, but instead of being held in physical classrooms, the classes will be held online via Zoom at a pre-determined date and time each week.  These courses provide students with a convenient alternative to attending classes in-person, since Online Live courses can be completed from the comfort of one’s home. These are synchronous classes, so students will attend weekly interactive class sessions.


When will Online Live classes be available?

Online Live courses are offered each term. They contain courses from all colleges. Online Live courses may be offered as semester or block classes.

Follow these steps to find out which courses are available for registration:

  1. Go to the Course Schedule Search and select a term


    2. Under the Browse Classes option, click Advanced Search


    3. Scroll down to Schedule Type and choose Online Live


   4. There is a Search button at the end of the page. If you don't see the Search button, Zoom in or out on the page and then it should show. Once it is clicked, this will generate a list of all Online Live course for a specific term


Is attendance to weekly meetings mandatory?

Yes, students that enroll in an Online Live course will be required to attend virtual class sessions via Zoom, to be marked as attended for each week of class. 

What time zone will Online Live courses be held in?

Online assignments and scheduled class meetings at Wilmington University align with the Eastern Standard Time zone. All dates, due dates, and times throughout a course are displayed according to the Eastern Standard Time zone. Additionally, most assignments are due at the end of their assigned week at 11:59pm (one minute before midnight).  

Why is the Online Live modality being introduced?

  • Students that may find asynchronous online learning challenging or intimidating will benefit from being able to ask questions and collaborate with others in a synchronous setting.
  • This modality is ideal for students that prefer the interactivity of an instructor-led class, but also prefer the convenience of taking a class from home.
  • This modality is perfect for a social learner that wants to establish stronger peer-to-peer and student/teacher relationships.

How much bandwidth is required to use Zoom?

Zoom requires a bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps. A high-speed broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended for the best experience. Learn more about  WilmU’s computer and Internet browser requirements. Ideally, Zoom is used on a computer that is hardwired to a modem or router. If you cannot use an Ethernet cable to connect directly, there are a few other things will help boost your Wi-Fi speed:
  • Move your computer, so it is as close to the Wi-Fi router as possible.
  • Be sure the router is not blocked behind a wall or really far away from your computer.
  • Other electronic devices that use Wi-Fi will also take up your network speed. You may want to turn them off or disable their Wi-Fi.  For example, iPads, tablets, and other streaming TV services like Netflix and online gaming will use the same bandwidth as your computer. Try turning off these devices until after you complete your exam to boost the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. 

Additional tips to have a good Online Live session:

  • Have a strong internet connection.
  • Find a quiet space and remember to mute your microphone when you’re not speaking.
  • Use a computer (not a phone) if you want to be able to share what’s on your screen or monitor.
  • Show up for the call at the scheduled time.

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